Dozens of plugins to choose from.

Unlock your Steam Deck's potential.

Lots in store


Audio Loader, Animation Changer, and CSS Loader help you customize your Steam Deck with new visuals and sounds, such as those from consoles.

Game Settings

ProtonDB Badges can help you find what games work well on Linux and DeckSettings will help you find the best settings for every game.

Deck Settings

Access even more settings for your Steam Deck from the Quick Access menu using plugins like Bluetooth and PowerTools.

EmuDeck Features

Emuchievements and MetaDeck are two plugins created as a part of the EmuDeck project that add additional features to emulated games.

Desktop Apps

Some plugins bring desktop app functionality to Gaming Mode, such as Discord Status, FlatpakUpdater, and SteamGridDB.

Game Info

Get more information about your games, such as the time to beat a game using HLTB for Deck or game tutorials using DeckFAQs.

At the press of a button

Everything that Decky Loader has to offer is available in the Quick Access menu. Simply press the button on your Steam Deck, navigate to the tab, and start using plugins. You can download plugins from the Decky Plugin Store by clicking the button.

Get started

Ready to jump into Decky Loader? Access this website from your Steam Deck and download the installer below. Note that you may have to open it from the Dolphin (the file manager) if your browser cannot run files.


Any questions?

Does Decky Loader change any Steam files? Is it dangerous to run?

No, Decky Loader does not change any Steam files. Decky Loader works by injecting React components into the Steam UI and running scripts in the background. This means that Decky Loader is safe to use with Steam and you can uninstall it at any time if needed.

Does Decky Loader cause any lag?

Decky Loader is designed to be lightweight and should not cause any lag. However, some plugins may cause lag if they are configured poorly.

Does using Decky Loader void my Steam Deck warranty?

Multiple people have reported that they were able to return their Steam Deck under warranty after including that they use Decky Loader in their support ticket. However, you are responsible for the security of your device and should be careful when configuring plugins in Decky Loader.

Does Decky Loader work on Windows, Mac, or other operating systems?

No, Decky Loader is only intended for use with the installation of SteamOS provided on Steam Deck. HoloISO and other SteamOS third-party distributions are not officially supported and may not work with Decky Loader. We have no plans to support other operating systems.

Is Decky Loader compatible with other plugin loaders?

No other plugin loaders are compatible with Decky Loader to our knowledge.

Why is Decky Loader not appearing in my Quick Access Menu?

Please see the Decky Loader common issues page.

Is Decky Loader open-source?

Steam Deck Homebrew prides itself on being open-source. You can view the source code for Decky Loader and our other projects on GitHub.

How can I get Decky Loader support?

If you have a question or a basic issue, you can ask it in our Discord server. If you have a bug report or feature request, you can open an issue on GitHub.